All photography exhibited here is by Yannis Vlamos 

Entropy Kimono.jpg

Entropy Kimono 

Skills used:
- Prototyping
- Pattern cutting
- Pattern Digitalisation
- Design and placement of gradient pattern to be laser cut

Changeant dress with neck piece.jpg

Data Dust Dress

Skills used:
- Material Sourcing
- Creating material
- Placing of pieces on tulle

Data dust jumpsuit.jpg

Data Dust Jumpsuit

Skills used:
- Creating material
- Placing pieces on tulle
- Hand sewing jumpsuit together

data dust white.jpg

Data Dust Kimono

Skills used:
- Placing thousand of pieces on tulle

Earths skin dress.jpg

Earth's Skin Dress

Skills used:
- Fabric sourcing
- Creating material
- Hand sewing
- Fixing any errors with the dress

Changeant kimono.jpg

Changeant Kimono

Skill used:
- Creating foam lifted material
- Heat bonding material
- Placing 6,000 pieces on tulle

opener dress.jpg

Foliage 3D print dress

Skills used:
- Hand sewing delicate 3D printed pieces onto invisible tulle

Foliage dress.jpg

Foliage Dress

Skills used:
- Organising digital files to be laser cut  (Adobe Illustrator)
- Measuring each piece to make sure the dress was        symmetrical, and files were properly laser cut
- Bonding silk and velvet together
- Placing foliage pieces on tulle
- Draping of the dress

Ludi Naturae.jpg

Ludi Naturae Dress

Skills used:
- Making of material
- Prototyping
- Testing and sourcing materials
- Fine tuning illustrator files so that the design was mathematically correct
- Delicately attaching organza pieces to foam lifted velvet
- Draping and hand sewing to give the liquid like effect of the fabric