This project focuses on the standing stones that surround the burial site of Newgrange, the many carvings that envelope the stones there, and the ritual surrounding light that occurred at winter-solstice. 

Standing stones were used as calendrical and astronomical observatories. To us a standing stone is just a stone. To this ancient society when the sun created a shadow with standing stones, it was extraordinary. These people didn’t have scientific fact to inform them what the sun was and how it worked. We’re desensitised to this because of our growing scientific knowledge. A contemporary standing stone has been designed within this project to interact with light and is the totem of the ritual.The carvings at Newgrange could have many meanings. This project aims to modernise the act of stone carving, and garments have been created to signify various stones at Newgrange. 

Throughout this project there is a repeated use of amber acrylic across the various designs to emphasise the continuous use of stone in this civilisation. 

Many carvings envelope the stones of Newgrange. Do they depict a very detailed plan of a ritualistic past?
Some carvings at Newgrange depict people in a circle worshipping a swan. There are many myths surrounding swans and this passage grave. More so because Newgrange is a resting place for whooper swans. Within this project a winter-solstice ritual has been designed to encompass the stones, light and swan worship so that we can experience a part of culture that has otherwise been lost with time.

Skills Exemplified in this project:

  • Design research into ancient Ireland and its many myths
  • 3DCAD (Rhinoceros, laser cutting, use of CNC router)
  • Machine and hand sewing
  • Wood working